Key Fob Programming

Key Fob Programming

It is always a good idea to have more than one set of car keys on you. While in the case that you lock your first pair of keys in the car, you could immediately get to them by going back inside to get your spare. Otherwise, they can come in handy if the electronics in your transponder or smart keys die or lose battery.

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Your dealerships will try to convince you that you can only get a new set of car keys through them. This is simply not true. We can cut and program a new key for your car faster and for far cheaper than what you will get at your dealership.

Car key replacements are simple and easy with us. We can work on any type of key, from the traditional transponder keys with microchips that have been universal for decades to the new and quickly adopted smart keys.

  • Can program the microchip in your vehicle
  • Improve the car’s security system
  • Traditional and Transponder Keys
  • Smart Keys, Keyless Entry Cars, and Push to Start
  • Dramatically undercuts your dealership in costs

ASAP Locksmiths work around the clock to provide you excellent service. They are 24/7 and mobile, so they can be at your door for any locksmithing emergency. Or you can call (515) 400-3226 to set up an appointment, and we can set you up with replacement car keys at your convenience.