Lock Installations

Lock Installations

All our locksmiths are trained to install your locks fast and well. You will never see a loose lock with them. And they work closely with you when picking out the right lock for your home or business’ needs. Froom doorknob locks to deadbolts and other high-security locks.

Our first priority is keeping you, your family, home, and belongings safe. With the right lock and proper installation by a trained, skilled, and experienced locksmith, you can ensure the security of your home.

We supply comprehensive locksmithing services for both residential and commercial customers. This includes thorough lock installations.

You can pick out the lock or count on us to set you up with the best in security. We can work with all major lockset brands on the market, in any shape, and form, from cam locks to deadbolts and electronic locks. We can install locks on your cabinets, furniture, or high-security, wall-mounted locks.

Residential Lock Installation

Our contractors promise to do the highest-quality installation job. Nothing matters more than the safety in your home.

Commercial Lock Installation

Thousands worth of company dollars can be found in any office building, factory, or warehouse. You should have the best locks installed to keep your assets safe.

Whether you want a new higher-security lock installed onto your door or you need to rekey the locks in your home, our locksmiths have you covered. They can work with any type of lock you can imagine.

  • Deadbolts and High-Security Locks
  • Electronic Locks
  • Jimmy-Proof Deadbolt Locks
  • Lever-Handle Locks
  • Smart Locks
  • Wall-Mounted Locks

The locksmiths here at ASAP Locksmith in De Moines make a point to work tirelessly around the clock. We will rekey all the locks in your home to fit one master key. Or we can repair a broken lock, keeping your home or office secure. For one of our experts to come and install a new set of locks, call our number at (515) 400-3226.