Frequently Asked Questions

The short answer is that a locksmith’s job deals with all things relating to locks and keys. We help people get back into their homes, cars, and offices when they have been locked out. But we also make spare or duplicate keys, rekey or install locks, and setup and repair other security systems.

Absolutely! 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Plus, we are a mobile service too! There is always an ASAP Locksmith nearby, so we can get to you fast in the case of an emergency.

When it comes to a thief, our answer is no. There are high-security and pick-resistant locks you can have installed. But for an experienced locksmith, we will always have a way of getting you back inside.

Absolutely none. An experienced locksmith should be able to make a point of entry without making any permanent damage to your door or car. In fact, if you call a locksmith and they immediately try to drill your lock, stop them right away. You can get better than a cheap but overpriced sloppy job.

We accept major credit card carriers and cash. We even take PayPal online. Once again, we warn you to be on the lookout for locksmiths that only take cash. These are likely to take the money, do a poor job, and run.

9 out of 10 times we are going to recommend rekeying your locks rather than replacing the entire locking mechanism. This process is where we move and recode the lock to fit a new key’s cut.

There are plenty of reasons to do this. For example, it can help you feel more secure after experiencing a break-in or if a key goes missing.

We previously talked about those locksmiths that only accept cash and those that will not hesitate to find a quick fix. Stay away from these. Unfortunately, because locksmithing often involves helping those in desperate situations in need of a quick fix, there are plenty that try to take advantage. Look out for too low of prices. Always think about how they can promise something too good to be true. Additionally, you can often look at a website and find it clearly suspicious.

Yes and no. This often-seen trick in the movies can only be done on the lower knob lock without any latch guard. For any deadbolts or other high-security lock, you will need a bit more lockpicking expertise.

That’s a resounding yes! Do not let a car dealership claim you can only get a spare or duplicate through them. We can program a new microchip or smart key for far cheaper.

Yes, this is called a master key system. It makes things plenty more convenient for a landlord or homeowner. A master key will open all doors in the house while still allowing each to have their own keys that work solely with each respective door.