Des Moines,IA
Key Duplication

It is always good to have a spare key for your home or office. ASAP Locksmith makes getting a copy fast and easy.

Many landlords or dealerships will try to make you believe they are your sole keys provider. By doing this, they might be able to gouge you on the price for simple replacements, spares, or duplicates. Instead, allow us to copy your key and give you the peace of mind of a spare at an affordable price. Don’t wait until you lose your keys to call us. Look ahead and prepare so you can avoid an emergency lockout situation.


Regular Key Duplication

If you have not lost your keys and still have a set on you, you can make yourself a spare set. Be prepared for future situations or make things more convenient for you, your employees, or your family members. Get your keys made through ASAP Locksmith.

  • Copies for roommates, family, or employees
  • Rekeying of existing locks
  • Cheaper than landlord charges
  • Perfect duplicates in minute

Key Fob Duplication

In addition to regular key duplication, we can duplicate key fobs for you. If you have lost your key fob or would like an additional set, let ASAP Locksmith provide you with quick, quality duplication. 

  • Perfect duplicates in minutes
  • Replacement of key fob
  • Cheaper than dealership

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