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High-Security Lock Services

Traditional keys and locks don’t cut it anymore. With advancements in technology in mind, many aspects of our lives are changing. Why not make the change with your home or residential security? 

With technology right at our fingertips, it only makes sense that security for our valuables and properties is right at our fingertips as well. We offer a variety of services and installations for various high-security systems. If you have a security system in mind or don’t know where to start, our experts are more than happy to lend you a hand in finding the right system for you. 

Keypad Security

You are likely most familiar with keypad security on your garage door or entryway into your home, but keypad security can be placed anywhere, no matter the type of property. This code entry system is highly intelligent and only requires you to remember a few numbers to access your property.

  • Setup of keypad security
  • Walkthrough of keypad security
  • Repair of keypad security
  • Keypad replacement

Remote Access

Remote access is possibly the most intuitive high-security system out there. It is a desirable system to homeowners and business owners alike as it allows on-the-go access through a corresponding mobile app that allows you to monitor the status of your security system without being on the premises. 

  • Setup of remote access
  • Walkthrough of the system
  • Repair of remote access
  • Remote access replacement

CCTV & Wireless Video Systems

This form of high-security gives users the ease of knowing they can monitor their homes or businesses through a camera mounted in the area. CCTV typically dictates you must be on the property to view the footage, but wireless video systems allow you to monitor the comings and goings of people on your property while you’re not at home–you just need secure Internet access. Let our experts help you decide what system is best for you.

  • Setup of video system
  • Walkthrough of video system
  • Repair of video system
  • Video system replacement

Credential Access

This system is often considered synonymous with keypad systems for their simplicity, but there is a notable difference with this high-security system. Credential access permits the usage of a key fob or keycard to grant access to the property. If a user does not have this access tool, they cannot gain entry. We highly recommend this system for business owners but are more than happy to install it in residential properties. 

  • Setup of credential access
  • Walkthrough of credential access
  • Repair of credential access 
  • Credential access replacement

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