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Commercial Services

It might be rarer for someone to get locked out of an office building, but, when it does happen, it has far more drastic ramifications. All employees are left out in the heat or cold, and absolutely no work gets done. At worse, clients, too, are unable to get in. Call us immediately whenever this occurs and avoid a wasted workday.

In terms of costs, businesses have a far greater need to protect what is inside their office buildings, factories, or any other place of work. Office supplies, computers, other technology, and industrial equipment are expensive and enticing to potential burglars. 

The importance of securing your office cannot be understated, as any employer will understand. You have the safety of your employees to keep in mind. And that is not to mention the countless company dollars’ worth of assets inside your office. Similarly, your company’s dollars will go to waste if your employees lose time with clients in the case of a lockout. You can count on the care of our locksmiths to keep your business safe. 

Get Back to Work ASAP

Everyone knows time is money, and when time is lost and you can’t work at your desk or consult a client, you need a quick solution. We’ll handle the locks so you can get back to work without worry. 

The Value Inside the Building

From a factory’s machinery to 3D printers or computers, there are a lot of valuables that need protecting. Let our skilled professionals at ASAP Locksmith lock it down. 

Emergency Lockouts

Resolving a lockout fast is all the more important for a commercial building. When this happens, it is all employees and clients that are missing out. Rely on our locksmiths to get you back inside to take care of your clients as soon as possible.

  • Friendly, reliable, and mobile service
  • Available 24/7
  • 15-minute average arrival time 
  • Quick fixes without damaging company property
  • Broken/jammed key removal

Alarm and Access Systems

There are far more advanced security systems than the traditional lock and key. Some are for a heightened level of security, and others give greater convenience for entrance into your building. We are more than happy to explore these options with you and install the best security system for you. 

  • Setup of alarm systems
  • Repair of alarm system
  • CCTV security systems
  • Control access systems
  • Keycard entry system setup

Locks and Keys

As stated, commercial buildings are important security risks. Not only do commercial buildings house a lot of valuable assets, but they make tempting places for theft once the closing sign is up at the end of the workday. You can turn away any attempts with reinforced and updated locks.

  • Rekeying of all locks
  • Lock repairs
  • Full-on lock replacement
  • Installation of pick-resistant locks
  • Panic bars and push bars
  • Master key setup for easy access 

Our mobile locksmiths are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call us now! Or Get in Touch Here