Automotive Services

Automotive Services

If you are in the middle of an emergency lockout, call our number now at (515) 400-3226.

Many can accurately guess that we are most often called for our automotive locksmithing services. No one can be blamed for getting locked outside their car. We have all been there at least once or twice in our lives.

When going to and from our cars, we are often in a hurry, stressed, and have our minds on other pressing matters. However, getting locked out only makes any situation ten times as stressful, and anyone knows that it needs solving fast.

Get Back Behind the Wheel ASAP

When you are locked out of your car, there is no time to waste. We know that and value your time.

Key Transponder Replacements

Cars use ever-complex technology for their locks. Our locksmiths can fix transponder or smart keys.

It is an understatement to call getting locked outside your car frustrating. A disaster, even, would not be over the top. Your likely on the way somewhere already, so making the right decision in the moment of how to handle this situation can save you precious time. Call our emergency locksmiths at (515) 400-3226.

  • Friendly and mobile locksmiths, near you at all times
  • 24 hours, 7 days a week, always at the ready to help
  • Promises to get there as soon as possible, 15 minutes on average
  • Lockpicking that does not damage your car
  • Broken/jammed key removal

It is always a good idea to have a spare set of keys on hand. Your car dealership will try to convince you that you can only get a new one through them. This, however, is simply not true. We cut and program a new key and fob for you at a far cheaper price.

  • Only quality key replacements
  • Program a new key fob
  • Transponder keys
  • Smart Keys
  • Faster and cheaper than your dealership

Cars, as well, can have problems with their security systems. If you have the problem of a broken key in the car door or ignition, then you will likely need repairs to said lock. And if your car security or alarm is on the fritz, you can avoid a trip to the dealership with us.

  • Reprogramming at the automobile’s transponder
  • Reinforcing the security of your vehicle
  • Carlock and ignition repairs
  • Rekeying your car locks or full lock replacements
  • Mobile and 24-Hour Service, always at the ready locksmiths

You can trust ASAP Locksmiths to get to you fast anywhere in De Moines. We are always nearby in the case of an emergency. Call us at (515) 400-3226. From there, our locksmiths will get you back into your car. Otherwise, they pride themselves in being trained to work with all kinds of car locks, as manufacturers continue to update car security systems.