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Have you ever returned home after a long night in town, only to find something doesn’t look right with your door? Has that apprehension gotten worse as you opened the door, only to find your home in disarray? You’re usually very thorough about ensuring your home is safe and secure before leaving, but it would appear that someone has found a way inside.

Now you’re the victim of a burglary. In terms of how to approach the aftermath of a burglary, you should consider reaching out to burglary repair services provided by a local locksmith to evaluate the safety of your home. Keep reading to learn more about these services.

Before Calling Burglary Repair Services

Before reaching out to a locksmith for burglary repair services, there are plenty of other steps you need to take care of first to ensure the safety of your home and yourself. Here is a checklist of what to do when a burglary has occurred in your home.

1. Call The Authorities

The moment you get home and see clear signs of a burglary in your home, call the authorities right away. They will open a case file so that they can keep track of any similar instances and maybe apprehend the culprit. Keep in mind that there is no guarantee that the burglar will be caught or your possessions retrieved, but you can hopefully do your part to prevent this crime from happening to someone else.

2. Take Inventory Of What Is Missing

When the authorities arrive, take inventory of what is still present and what seems to be missing from your home. Also, take pictures of any and all damages inflicted upon your property so you can have sufficient documentation for your insurance agent.

3. Reach Out To Your Insurance Provider

After contacting the authorities, taking inventory of missing items, and documenting damages, reach out to your insurance agent. With their help, you can get coverage for damages so that you won’t need to pay them yourself. The last thing you want to do is pay for damages someone else inflicted on your property.

4. Clean Up Your Home

Once you’ve reached out to your insurance agent, start cleaning up your home to the best of your ability. You want to be able to resecure your home without getting into any accidents. You also want to ensure that the locksmith who comes to provide burglary repair services can easily navigate your home.

What To Expect From Burglary Repair Services

Now that you know what to do when you know you’ve been burgled, let’s go over what you can expect when contacting a locksmith for burglary repair services.

1. Security Assessment

When receiving burglary repair services from a locksmith, the first thing to expect is that your home will undergo a security assessment. Basically, the locksmith will look at the current state of your home and determine how secure it is at the moment and what it needs to be more secure.

2. Temporary Window And Door Replacement

If your windows and doors are broken or severely compromised, you can install temporary windows and doors while they help you obtain the replacements. The same locksmith will help you install the replacements and find the most suitable ones.

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3. Lock Rekeying And/Or Changing

To ensure your home’s security improves, another part of burglary repair services includes rekeying or changing the locks. The door locks can be rekeyed if they are not otherwise severely damaged.

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4. Home Security Upgrades

You can also consult with your locksmith about ways to upgrade your home security. Hopefully, you will be able to use the advice to make your home safer than before.

Stay Safe In Des Moines!

Hopefully, knowing about the burglary repair services offered by locksmiths has reassured any anxieties you have had about what to do if your home is burgled. Whether you’ve been the victim of a home invasion or just want to keep your home security in check, you can contact our team at ASAP Locksmith and stay safe in Des Moines. Contact us today for the best locksmith services in all of Iowa!