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Sliding doors can add a lot of aesthetic value to your home. They give your home a modern, sophisticated appearance and are easy to use. However, most sliding doors tend to be made of glass, making it very easy for anyone to have a good look inside your home. 

For all their stylistic perks, sliding doors can also leave your home vulnerable to a potential invader. However, there is a very simple solution to this problem: blinds. In order to know which blinds to get for your sliding doors, we’ll show you the best blinds for sliding doors in this blog. 

Vertical vs. Horizontal Blinds 

Before officially looking at the best blinds for sliding doors, it’s important to understand the difference between vertical and horizontal blinds. The panels or slats of vertical blinds slide sideways and are stacked across; the panels or slats of horizontal blinds slide up and down and are stocked on top of one another. An additional difference is that horizontal blinds, which are seen in most residential windows, use a cord-and-pulley system. Vertical blinds, on the other hand, are usually dragged with a wand or controlled by a remote. 

Because of the sideways directionality of how sliding doors open and close, vertical blinds will be the best option. Sliding doors work best with vertical blinds because sharing a directional pull will make them easily accessible. Now that you know to choose vertical blinds for your sliding doors, it’s time to determine the best blinds for sliding doors. 

What Are The Best Blinds For Sliding Doors?

Knowing that vertical blinds are going to be the best blinds for sliding doors will help narrow down your choices when searching for a more specific style or material for blinds. The best blinds for sliding doors include the following: 

Sheer Shades

The most popular and commonly found style of blinds for sliding doors is sheer shades. These fabric blinds feel almost like curtains and give your home natural sunlight while maintaining your privacy. Maintaining these shades requires specific instructions since they are, more often than not, made of fabric or fabric-like material. If you want that warm light in your home without sacrificing privacy, then sheer shades are worth considering. 

blinds for sliding doors

Shutter Panels

The next best blinds for sliding doors are shutter panels. These panels are usually made of wood, PVC, or metal material. They are notable for being durable and can either slide or shut them depending on your preference. They are also energy-efficient since they block out light more thoroughly than sheer shades when closed, allowing your home to cool down easily. If these benefits sound appealing, then shutter panels are for you. 

Customizable Sliding Panels 

Last but not least, you can get creative by installing customizable sliding panels. These blinds are considered customizable because you can choose the opening and closing direction, as well as which opening and closing mechanism they will use. You’ll also have a choice in color and material for your sliding panels. Sliding panels are also perfect if you prefer to give your home a modern style. 

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