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Out of any other property crime, burglary is the most worried-about crime homeowners fear could happen to them. According to SafeWise, 60% of homeowners fear their home being broken into when no one is at home. As it stands, burglars are very crafty with how they can gain access to a property, with 65% of people reporting they know who burglarized their home. Now think about what this could mean if you keep a spare key outside your property. 

We all fear getting locked out of our homes, and this is where the beauty of a spare key comes from, but it’s essential to find the best hiding place for your spare keys. To ensure you are not a victim of a break-in while still keeping your spare keys in a safe place, let’s go over some of the best and worst places to hide your spare keys. 

Where NOT to Hide Your Spare Keys

Finding the best hiding spot is crucial to hide your spare keys. It needs to be somewhere smart enough that no one trying to break into your home would check, but not difficult enough to find or obtain for yourself. Burglars will check the obvious spots, so it’s best to avoid these hiding places: 

  • Under your welcome mat
  • Under a potted plant or flower pot near the front door
  • Under a fake rock
  • Under a garden statue
  • On the doorjamb
  • In the mailbox

These are the most common areas a burglar will check to find your spare keys. While these areas might seem very convenient for you, it also means it’s very convenient for a potential burglar. 

Spare keys under rug

Best Hiding Places for Your Spare Keys

As mentioned above, it’s important to think one step ahead of a potential burglar, and this means finding unique places or ways to hide your spare keys. Here are a few smart ways to stash your spare keys: 

A trusted neighbor, friend, or family member: There is nothing better than having someone you can trust to hold onto valuable items for you. Instead of worrying about the right place to hide your spare keys, find the right person. This could be a close neighbor, a friend you hang out with often, or a family member. This is especially helpful if you travel frequently or have a planned vacation because you can confide in that person to check in on your property while you’re gone. 

A key safe: You might have heard of or seen key safes before if you’ve ever stayed at an Airbnb, but a key safe is an excellent way to store your spare keys. These are typically accessible by entering a code. They are durable, weather resistant, and relatively inexpensive. Most feature a hard metal exterior that makes them resilient against attacks. If they’re kept in plain sight, they are still vulnerable to attempted break-ins, so ensure you put them somewhere safe. 

There are also several other options ADT recommends: 

  • In a small lock box under the porch
  • In a key hider/magnetic key holder
  • In the grill in your backyard
  • Under a loose brick in the landscaping/driveway/etc.
  • Under the foot of a chair on the patio
Key lock box

Source: Master Lock

There is Another Option

Having a spare key to your home is extremely beneficial, but nowadays, it should be a last resort. Smart door locks are the way of the future and are especially burglar-proof. 75% of Americans still don’t use a security system to protect their homes or loved ones, according to SafeWise, making them susceptible and vulnerable to burglaries. Smart door locks offer many benefits and come in many different forms. Consider installing a smart door lock to deter burglars. 

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