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If you are a homeowner or a renter, you may have noticed that there are different types of door locks. Maybe you have noticed a difference in the style or color. However, did you know that there is more to the style than you may have originally thought? Each lock comes with a distinctive security feature that another lock may or may not be able to provide. So if you aren’t sure what different types of door locks there are, keep reading our informative blog to learn more!


A old silver padlock on a red barn door

When thinking about types of door locks, one may forget about the good old padlock. While a padlock may not be a best seller for your front door lock, this lock can be commonly found on gates, fences, or barn doors. In addition, these types of door locks are known for securing lockers. 

These locks are great at being convenient. They come in small sizes, are useful when traveling, and are much cheaper than most locks. While these locks are sturdy, choosing metals such as carbide or alloy steel are the best security. In addition, padlocks can be opened with a key or a combination of letters, numbers, or movements. 


A gold deadbolt with a gold key in it. The deadbolt is installed on a medium brown door that is open

Deadbolts are the types of door locks that can be commonly associated with securing your home. Deadbolts can be found in homes and apartments. Within an apartment or home, you can find deadbolts on the patio, front, side, or back doors. In addition, deadbolts are also commonly associated with feelings of security, as these locks can only be unlocked with a specific key on the outside.

These locks are helpful in keeping out burglars and keeping your pets and family safe inside. However, while these types of door locks can help to keep out burglars, they are also susceptible to lock picking. 

Lever Handle Locks

Black lever handle lock on a light wood door

Lever handle locks are another type of lock that you can have. Typically, you can find these types of door locks on the inside of your home. These locks are especially useful for the elderly, as they can provide a firm grip compared to other locks. In addition, while these locks are typically found within your house, you can still lock-pick your way in if you use them on the exterior of your house. However, picking a lever handle lock requires a special tool that most burglars won’t have. 

Knob Locks

Vintage gold knob lock on a medium wood door

Knob locks are another form of lock you can expect to find in the inside of one’s home. These locks can usually be found within builder grades homes. They can be looked at as standardized locks within a house. 

Knob locks are not a great contender for people that have a hard time gripping knobs. For instance, little kids and elderly people may have a harder time using these types of door locks compared to the rest of the household. In addition, these locks should never be used outside, as they are incredibly easy to break past. 

Mortise Locks

Black mortise lock on a dark wooden door

Unlike a majority of locks, a mortise lock can be used on both the exterior and interior of a house. These types of door locks can be thought of as the lever handle lock with the deadbolt attached to the same platform. 

These locks are known for their long and thick platforms. In addition, due to the stature of the platform, these locks are much stronger compared to other locks. Some are thought to be stronger locks, as they are fitted to your door. 

Wall-Mounted Locks

Silver wall mounted lock on a light brick wall

Wall-mounted locks can sometimes be overlooked, as they are typically only used for garages. While these types of door locks can be understood as a convenient and great idea, they may be susceptible to break-ins. Some wall-mounted locks are made with thin material. This can make your lock easy to break with a hammer or strong hit.

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