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If you are a homeowner or renter, you probably do everything to help make you and your family feel more at ease with your security features. However, there may be a feature that you have found to be quite difficult to secure: your sliding glass door. If you own a sliding glass door, you may have wondered what types of sliding glass door locks you could use to help you feel more secure. Finding a sliding glass door lock can be stressful and frustrating. However, we can help make that process a little easier with the help of our informative blog. Keep reading to learn more about different types of sliding glass door locks.

Hook Style  

Golden hook look on a white door

One of the many types of sliding glass door locks that you can expect to find is hook style. This is the most common style associated with sliding glass doors. In addition, the most common colors you can find for this style of lock are black, white, silver, and even gold. 

You can find these types of sliding glass door locks at Amazon, Walmart, The Home Depot, and other local hardware stores. A price range you should anticipate seeing is around five dollars to $26. These styles of hooks are easy to install. All you would need to install the locks is a screwdriver.

Mortise Style

Silver mortise lock on a modern wood door

Mortise style locks are another lock you could decide to go with for your sliding glass door. These types of locks can be better understood as a combination of a deadbolt attached to a lever handle or knob. These locks are within the door, meaning that these locks are fitted to your door for a more secure fit. 

You can find these types of sliding glass door locks at Amazon, Walmart, The Home Depot, and many more places near you. The range can range for this style of lock depending on if you are wanting a more updated modern look or a vintage feel. However, for a more classic look, you could expect a price from $33 to $114 and up. 

Double-Bolt Lock 

Black double bolt lock on a medium wooden door

A double-bolt lock is another type of lock you could have for your sliding glass door lock. These locks can provide more security to your home. However, they are not as common to see. A double-bolt lock can be understood as a mortise lock, but instead of the deadbolt and handle being attached, they are separated into their own locks.

You can find these types of sliding glass door locks at Amazon and The Home Depot to name a few locations. You can expect a wide variety of styles within a double bolt lock. In addition, the price range that can accompany this style of lock can be between $30 to $75 and up.

Smart Lock

Black and silver smart lock on a black door

With technology increasing every day, you may be intrigued by a smart lock for your sliding door. Well, luckily for you, you could get a smart lock! These smart locks can range from needing a pin number, fingerprint access, or even a phone app to unlock. In addition, these locks can come in multiple sizes, lengths, and colors. 

You can find these types of sliding glass door locks at Amazon, Walmart, and The Home Depot to highlight a few major retailers that carry these locks. These locks can vary for a multitude of reasons regarding brand, size, and what option it unlocks with. For instance, a pin code smart lock may be more affordable than a fingerprint lock. However, a price range you could expect to see can be from $77 to upwards of $279 and more. 

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