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We like to assume that, in tough situations, we are prepared for anything. If you’re a resourceful person, you likely are ready and prepared for any situation, but this is not always the case. Car lockouts are some of the most common accidents that occur. In the U.S., over 16,000 home and car lockouts occur daily, with AAA Insurance assisting 4 million people a year with car lockouts alone. Experiencing a car lockout should be a situation you have plans for, and in this blog, we will discuss four essential tools you need in your car lockout kit. 

What is a Car Lockout Kit?

There’s no specific way to go out creating a car lockout kit. Pre-packaged car lockout kits can be bought from an auto parts retailer, or individual tools can be gathered to compile your own. As soon as you compile these tools, you are well-prepared for any car lockout situation. Your stress may not go away entirely, but the right car lockout kit can be instrumental in getting you out of a sticky situation. 

What are the tools you should compile in a car lockout kit? These include:

  1. Slim jim
  2. Pump wedge 
  3. Long-reach tool
  4. Lockpicking set

1. Slim Jim

This tool has a long, lightweight metal with a hook at the end and is easy to carry. It performs well under pressure. It’s the perfect tool to efficiently bypass a locked car door. The metal can slide between airtight spaces and allows you to reach deep inside the vehicle. Experts such as locksmiths choose the space between the car window and weather stripping to insert the slim jim. Once you’ve inserted it, you have to wiggle it around and use the hook on the end to unlock the car door. 

This may sound simple, but slim jims don’t always operate the way you want them to, especially with newer cars that may have important inner parts you should avoid. Car door panels are packed with wires and compartments that hold important functions, so one wrong slip could go horribly wrong. Without experience, you could cause damage and make a stressful situation even more stressful. At that point, a tow truck operator is the only one who can help. 

Car locksmiths are specially trained to handle slim jims with precision and know how to utilize a car lockout kit better than anyone. They know every technique and which angle to approach with every tool. If you’re unsure about using a slim jim yourself, contact our experts at ASAP Locksmith. 

2. Pump Wedge

Pump wedges are a crucial item to keep in your car lockout kit. This device keeps a car door slightly ajar. The pump wedge is a cloth pouch with a small rubber bladder attached, much like a blood pressure cuff. The wedge is inserted while flat into the door jam, then the bladder is pumped so the pouch expands. As the pouch expands, it provides enough leverage to crack open the door and use additional tools to reach farther inside the vehicle and eventually unlock it. Many car locksmiths have a pump wedge in their car lockout kit.

A locksmith uses a car lockout kit to open a vehicle's door.

3. Long-Reach Tool

This is probably one of the most common tools people use to unlock their vehicles. This tool is long enough to reach inside the car and hit the unlock button. It doesn’t matter what it is, whether it’s a bent wire hanger or a stick. So long as you have a long, sturdy tool that can press buttons and lift door handles, it should work. Long-reach tools are perfect for a car lockout kit. 

4. Lockpicking Set

Lockpicking is an advanced skill that only a select number of people have mastered. This isn’t an everyday hobby people pick up, but it is a career choice for locksmiths. However, the general public doesn’t have the skill required to lockpick properly and without damaging their property. This means that if you choose to use a lockpicking set in your car lockout kit, the chances of success aren’t very high. Your best bet is to contact a qualified professional, such as a locksmith. 

Every lockpicking set should have the following basic tools: 

  • Single pin picks
  • Decoders
  • Tension tools

Advanced Car Locksmiths Near You

A professional locksmith is your best option for keeping your property secure. A skilled locksmith can assist you in the event of a lockout, provide you with key duplication, or various other automobile services. Our mobile locksmiths in Desmoines, IA, can always travel to your location, 24 hours a day or night, and offer you quick and professional services. If you’re looking for car locksmith help, contact ASAP Locksmith of Des Moines today.