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It is easy for a homeowner, business owner, or anyone to let a broken lock slide and get away from them. However, there can be horrible consequences if it is not fixed before an event occurs.

The security and safety of the home cannot have too much importance put on it. Most people will agree. We all want ourselves, our property, and our family safe and to feel safe at all times. This is simply universal. The home is supposed to be a place we can relax and feel at ease, away from the world’s troubles. You do not want the fact your house is permanently unlocked in the back of your or anyone else’s mind.

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The Temptation to Go Without

Even though we think everyone should have their locks in working order at all times, we still see why people wind up with malfunctioning ones. People have trouble finding the time to schedule a point to get it fixed. They might have it in their minds that they could do it themselves, but when it comes to doing it, it feels too daunting. Or they are worried it will cost too much and would like to label it as an unnecessary expense. It might even be that they are only ever reminded of it as they are leaving and going.

We recommend doing your best to get past these obstacles though and put having properly working locks as a priority. Deciding on calling in a professional is an easy first step, taking the stress away from the project and eliminating the time spent on it. We can help assure you that fixing a broken lock is easily affordable.

Your Home’s First Line of Defense

The first concern when it comes to a house with a broken lock is that it leaves you and everyone else living there vulnerable. With a broken lock, there is nothing separating those inside the home as a burglar, thief, home invader, or any other criminal. It takes no one anymore effort than you to open the door.

Your door’s lock can be said to be both your castle’s outermost and innermost wall. Without it, you have no deterrent.

Evidence that there is a Break-In

A less thought of benefit of a good lock is that it lets you know who has been inside your house. If you lock your door on the way out, it should still be locked on your way back. On the other hand, if you come home to a broken lock or the door is ajar, there is evidence that a break-in has occurred. In this case, there is still a risk that the invader is still inside and that the situation is dangerous. Never go in, back up, gain some distance, and call the police while you wait.

Further Damage

Using a door with a damaged lock will actually cause more damage to the door over time. Continually opening and closing a door with a lock that is misaligned will in turn throw the door’s alignment off. It can scuff the doorway, dent it, or scrape against the floor. Additionally, continual use of any key in a damaged lock will wear down its teeth. Soon, the key will not be able to fit the locks it is intended for.

Emergency Lockouts

One of the biggest concerns, when you leave a broken lock alone, is the chance that you get locked out of your house. As previously said, continuing to use such a door, damages it, the lock, and the key. Eventually, you run the risk of the broken lock jamming, sticking, and not moving no matter how hard you try the key, leaving you left out in the elements.

Contact ASAP Locksmith

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