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Knowing how to lock a door without a lock can help you protect yourself and your family. These methods are effective and quick to implement for almost any door.

Why would you need to know how to lock a door without a lock? Unfortunately, many homes are not equipped with interior door locks, meaning there is no way to keep an intruder out. The methods we have outlined below will help you stay safe with household items you may have around.

How to Lock a Door Without a Lock

There are a number of methods you can use to lock a door without a lock. Those methods include:

  • Use a fork
  • Use a door wedge
  • Jam the door
  • Remove the door handles
  • Bind the door handles
  • Bar the door
  • Teather the door

Here is how to lock a door without a lock using the methods listed above:

Use a Fork

phil-crockett Kitchen Fork Lock-min

Source: Phil Crockett

Most forks fit directly into the latch of the door. If your fork doesn’t, the prongs may need to be bent so that it does.

Once it can fit, break off the handle end of the fork. Lodge the prongs into the latch and insert the handle into the lodged prongs.

The broken handle should be perpendicular to the door and prevent it from opening.

This method is best suited for interior doors rather than exterior doors.

Use a Door Wedge

How to lock a door without a lock - Wooden Door Stopper

Door wedges are commonly used to keep doors open, but you can also use them to lock doors.

Grab a door wedge or an object very similar. Place the wedge tightly at the top of the door on the side with the handle.

This method should help prevent the door from opening.

Jam the Door

How to lock a door without a lock - use a door jammer

There are many ways and objects that can jam a door. You can use a chair, cane, or even a store-bought door jammer. Place the item just below the doorknob and lodge it between the ground; that way, it’s tight. This method can only be used when the door opens inward.

Remove the Door Handles

Removing Door Handle

If possible, remove the door handles altogether or just one side. This will help prevent anyone from entering with ease. Of course, this may not always be viable because of a lack of time or knowledge of removing handles.

Bind the Door Handles

Bind the Door Handles

If you’re dealing with double doors with handles or knobs right next to each other, try binding them together. You can use a variety of times, such as a:

  • Belt
  • Shoelaces
  • Scarf
  • Socks
  • Clothing
  • Blankets or sheets
  • Rope or chain

The items above are only a sample of what you could use. Make sure you secure the two doorknobs or lever securely by tying a tight knot.

Bar the Door

Door Barred by Wood

If the door opens inward, try barring the door to prevent it from opening. The length of the bar must be wider than the door and secured to the frame, wall, or another object.

A proper security bar could be used, or you can DIY your bar with something as simple as nails and wood. Ensure you secure the bar horizontally across the door above or below the doorknob.

Teather the Door

Finally, consider tethering the doorknob or lever to an anchor point. This could be something as simple as a cable wrapped around the lever and anchored to a piece of furniture. The heavier, the better!

Install Door Locks for Your Home or Business

If you don’t have interior door locks for your home or business, get in touch with your local locksmith. They’ll be able to help you install the right types of locks to increase the safety and security of your property.

If you’re in the Greater Des Moines area, call our team today at (515) 400-3226. We’re able to install the types of locks you want or need for your property.