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A sliding glass door can bring natural sunlight into your home and give it a sleek modern look that’ll increase your home’s market value. They are also easy to operate and can give you a peek at how it looks outside without needing to leave your home. However, you want to make sure that these doors are able to withstand any weather conditions or severe storms. If you want to know how to weatherproof a sliding glass door, then you’ve come to the right place. 

Install Impact Glass 

One of the first ways to go about how to weatherproof a sliding glass door is to install impact glass. Impact or hurricane-rated glass is engineered to hold up against severe weather as well as large pieces of debris and high wind speed. This is just the first of many ways to weatherproof your sliding glass doors. 

how to weatherproof a sliding glass door

Apply Weatherstripping 

Weatherstripping is applied in any possible open spaces along a sliding glass door. This keeps air, debris, or water from sneaking into your home. Periodically check on the weatherstripping to see if it’s worn out and needs to be replaced. You’ll need to place it in the spaces along the door jamb, door frame, and between the floor and the door itself. 

Be sure to apply weatherstripping to any areas that are exposed to the outdoors. The best weatherstripping material for sliding glass doors is considered to be tubular gaskets. Applying weatherstripping is probably the most important step in how to weatherproof a sliding glass door. 

Insulate By Hanging Up Curtains, Drapes, Or Blinds

Another way to weatherproof your home where unwanted cold or hot air is concerned is to hang up curtains or drapes or install blinds. Curtains, drapes, and blinds are all great ways to insulate the inside of your home. Closed blinds or drapes, or curtains are especially effective in keeping out cold air in winter. 

Thermal curtains are specifically manufactured to keep your home insulated during winter if you want something specifically designed for this purpose. If you want an extra layer of insulation for your sliding glass doors, you can purchase a patio door insulation kit. Whichever one you choose, curtains, drapes, or blinds are a very easy way to go about how to weatherproof a sliding glass door. 

Clean The Door Tracks

Sliding glass doors can only work effectively if their tracks are routinely kept clean. By keeping your tracks and rollers clean of any dirt and other debris, you reduce the chances of elements such as rainwater or cold air leaking into your home. This step is probably the easiest of them all in how to weatherproof a sliding glass door. 

Re-caulk As Needed

Caulking is the process of sealing any cracks or spaces in windows and doors. Like traditional weatherstripping, caulk can also fade and erode over time. For this reason, you want to check the caulking of your sliding glass doors and re-caulk them as needed. Neglecting to re-caulk your doors as needed can ensue in a lot of issues for your sliding doors and your own comfort. 

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Whether it’s a cold day in winter or a raging tropical storm, you now know how to weatherproof a sliding glass door. However, you want to ensure your sliding glass doors are safe from more than just the natural world. You also want to ensure that your sliding glass doors are secure against potential intruders at all times. Luckily, you can contact us today at ASAP Locksmith Des Moines to ensure your sliding glass doors are absolutely safe and secure!