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Every professional isn’t as knowledgeable and skilled as you might think. Every retail employee isn’t familiar with where every item is located. Every basketball player isn’t capable of making 3-pointers. And every locksmith isn’t capable of unlocking every lock. In fact, all locksmiths can’t open every lock.

Not only are there locks that won’t unlock due to mechanical failure, but there are locks made specifically to remain locked unless opened with a key. Lock picks won’t do the job in this case, and neither will the vast array of locksmithing tools at a locksmith’s disposal. If you’re interested in learning more about these elusive locks, continue reading. You will discover some of the many locks that locksmiths can’t open.

Locks That Locksmiths Can’t Open

This blog will show you locks that locksmiths can’t open, whether you want to ensure the security of your space or are just curious about the different locks there are. Some of the following can only be accessed using the intended method, while others have a small possibility of being unlocked.

High-Security Locks

Places where security is of the utmost importance, like government buildings, don’t utilize your typical door locks that can be accessed with a lock pick. These places use high-security locks, which provide an extra layer of protection over traditional locks. This is made possible by their design, which can resist picking, drilling, and much more. A great example of this would be the Abloy lock.

Electronic Locks

Another type of lock that locksmiths can’t open is an electronic lock. With this, there isn’t a keyhole to pick or manipulate. Instead, these locks need to be accessed with a keypad, a card reader, or a biometric scanner. You will need biometric data, a card, or a code in order to gain access to this space.

Combination Locks

Much like some electronic locks, a combination lock can only be unlocked with the right sequence of numbers. There are some combination locks that can be manipulated with basic tools, but there are also many that won’t budge no matter what. The only way to unlock this is to try every possible combination, which is time-consuming.

Magnetic Locks

Although not completely impossible, electromagnetic locks should also be on this list. Electromagnetic locks are locks that use a magnetic field to keep an area secure and controlled. In order to miraculously bypass this lock, one would need to disable the source of power or use a powerful electromagnet to override the locking mechanism. Much like the previous lock, this process can be time-consuming.

Tubular Locks

Tubular locks, which are tumbler locks, are the final lock we would like to discuss. This will be difficult for a locksmith to open since it has a circular keyway that requires a certain tubular lock pick to open. So the typical lock pick set most likely won’t be able to crack this lock open. Also, the pins are not arranged like those in a traditional lock—in a straight line. These locks also include extra security features like ball bearings and many others to guarantee an area’s security.

Locks That Locksmiths Can’t Open

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