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Many homeowners are fortunate enough to have a garage to park their cars in, but there are many who don’t have that luxury. The issue becomes finding a safe place to park your car. Parking can be challenging for those who do not live on a property with access to a garage. Finding parking spaces that are safe to park your car for a limited amount of time and overnight is pertinent. According to data released by the FBI, car thefts spiked in 2020, with 810,400 cars being reported stolen. Whether parking your car overnight or leaving it parked over vacation, it’s important to know the best places to park your car. 

The 4 Best Safe Places to Park Your Car

1. A Parking Garage

The best and safest location to park your car remains a garage, despite it not being an option for many individuals. If you can, leaving your vehicle in a parking garage is the safest place to park your car. This minimizes the possibility of criminal activity or theft and provides coverage to your car so no damage comes to it. But there are many other benefits to finding a space in a parking garage for your vehicle. 

Weather protection is one such benefit of parking your car in a garage. The covered roof will reduce the risk of damage to your vehicle, like hail that can damage windows, the body, and more. Lower insurance premiums are another reason to park in a garage. Some insurance companies offer lower rates to those who park their car in a safer place. 

2. A Driveway

The next safest place to park your car is in the driveway. A driveway is another secure option, though there are some precautions you should take to ensure nothing happens to your car. Because driveways don’t have overhead protection, they are exposed and visible. If you have the ability to park in a driveway, park it in a way that is visible to you while you’re away from your car so you can see it at all times. Furthermore, install camera systems or floodlights that detect movement outside so you can be aware of anything going on outside your property. 

Just like parking in a garage, parking in a driveway also helps to reduce insurance premiums. Additionally, it allows easy access as your car is ready and nearby. 

A car parked in a garage, one of the best places to park your car

3. A Carport

Like parking in a garage, carports offer security to your car and protect it from severe weather. If you plan to leave your vehicle unattended for a few hours, a carport can keep your car cool on hot, sunny days. If there is inclement weather, carports will be guaranteed to be a safe place to park your car. However, most carports only provide overhead protection. This means they are still accessible, whereas they would not be in a garage.

4. Side Streets

If you live in the city, parking in driveways or a garage isn’t always an option. Street parking or parking on side streets isn’t inherently dangerous, but they are more susceptible to burglary, theft, or break-ins than the aforementioned safe places to park your car. To keep your car safe when parking on the street, follow these tips:

  • Park in well-lit areas
  • Park near other cars and houses to avoid being targeted
  • Remove all valuables from view in your car
  • Use stickers to deter criminals, such as “police tracking”

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