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Dealing with multiple keys for various purposes can be overwhelming at times. It can cause confusion, it can waste precious time, and most importantly, it can be aggravating. However, with a master key, you don’t have to keep track of your house keys, car keys, backup keys, or any other set of keys anymore.

A master key is the best way to simplify the search process. This means no more fiddling around with your keychain whenever you’re in a rush. No more feeling frustrated and confused when looking for the right key. A master key is like a universal remote that will provide you access to exactly what you need. Learn more about master keys and why you need them below. 

What Is A Master Key?

So what is a master key? We are used to having a key that is used for a specific lock. This is called a change key. A master key, however, goes above and beyond. This key will override each lock designed for a change key, and any other locks in the set. If you live in an apartment, your superintendent will have a master key, while you will only have a change key.

This is called a master key system, which businesses often use to provide and restrict access to various areas for certain people. The owner, however, remains with access to every room with the master key. Homeowners may find this useful as well, especially if they need to restrict access to certain rooms for a maid or any other reason.

Why You Need A Master Key

There are many reasons why a master key will come in handy for you. Not only does it make life simpler, but it can save money and keep better control of your property. If you have a business, here are some of the many reasons why you need a master key.


The reason why many people seek a master key in the first place is because they need security. A vital aspect of a master key is that they are a unique key make. Because your key is unique compared to all others, you are less likely to experience a break-in.

Also, only one person—you—have access to every lock within this system. This makes whatever area you want to remain off-limits. Usually, when you think of security, you think about spending an arm and a leg to ensure your safety. However, a master key system is an affordable way to secure your business.


The overall convenience of having a master key is the second reason why your business needs one. Using a master key system will save you time and help you organize your keys much better. If you have a master key, you won’t have to worry about remembering which key is which or deal with the expensive consequences of losing track of a key. Using a master key results in better key management and an easy locking-up process for your business.

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Install Your Locks With ASAP Locksmith

Now that you know what is a master key, you can see how it can be useful for your business or home. A master key system has several factors, ranging from change keys to even a grand master key. But that is a discussion for another day. In the meantime, rely on ASAP Locksmith to provide you with any locksmith service you are in need of.

Do you seek a rekeying service? Do you need to duplicate a key of yours? Either way, get in contact with our team to get started today. We have every locksmith service you could need and the experts to ensure everything goes off without a hitch.