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We all strive to keep our property safe from intruders. We have not only valuables that we want to remain safe but also people, as well. Locks ensure the safety of our belongings, whether the lock is for our home or business. We don’t tend to think about our locks until they’re compromised and when they do, we’re left stranded with destroyed locks and damaged or stolen property. At ASAP Locksmith of Des Moines, we know all about security and when you should change your locks.

New Locks on Your New Home or Property

Perhaps the most common reason you should change your locks is when you’re moving into a new home or property. Most new homeowners or property owners don’t think that they should change the locks on their new home, but you never know if the last owners of your property still have keys or not. Additionally, it is altogether possible the last owner gave out some keys to neighbors, friends, and family members. About 65% of home invasions are done by people the victims knew beforehand. There is a whole endless list of possibilities for what the previous owners of your property could’ve done with the corresponding keys. 

Whether you are in need of new locks for your residential or commercial property, we have got you covered. When you move in, take note of your property and the locks on each door. If one is noticeably damaged, don’t hesitate to contact a locksmith. And remember that strangers could have keys for multiple entrances into your home. 

Key in Door Lock

Lost or Stolen Keys

Noticing your keys are missing is as nerve-wracking as noticing your credit card or ID is missing. After contacting a locksmith who can get you back into your home during a lockout, you might forget all about your missing keys. However, we recommend you never take missing keys for granted. Just because you think your missing keys were an honest mistake doesn’t mean someone didn’t steal them. Always assume the worst when you notice your keys are missing. 

Luckily, when you have misplaced your keys, there is another option other than replacing your lock. Locksmiths are also able to rekey locks. This means the locking mechanism you have will be altered so that the old keys no longer work with it. You will receive a new key but keep your old lock. This is a much more frugal option that is still equally as effective. 

New Locks After a Break-in

This one is perhaps a no-brainer. If you have been the victim of a break-in in your home, business, or apartment, our providers at ASAP Locksmith of Des Moines can help. We understand the feelings of grief and loss when a break-in occurs and we work hard so that you never have to feel that way again. We can replace the old locks as there has likely been extreme tampering done to them. We do this so that intruders can’t come back a second time. 

If you have not been the victim of a break-in, it is recommended you check the integrity of your locks. If you notice any damage or worse, tampering, call a locksmith straight away. Signs of tampering or evidence of damage to your locks mean a break-in could be imminent and is a clear indicator that locksmithing services are required.

Changing Lock

Reliable Local Locksmiths You Can Trust

The locks we put on our homes and businesses are crucial for not only our security but for the security of our valuables. If you fall into any of the above categories, call ASAP Locksmith of Des Moines today! We have many years of experience servicing our fellow Hawkeyes and understand the best security practices to keep you safe. Don’t wait to change a damaged lock. Call us today at (515) 400-3226 or get a free estimate.